We live in a crazy world right now.  I know the pressures were certainly different when I was a kid!

I remember going to the Library to learn and hoping you’d be in time not to miss out on all the best books.  I remember playing outside until the street lights came on, we were barely ever inside.

The pressure these days on people is incredible.  To have the best gadgets, the latest phone, fresh off the catwalk fast fashions and the list goes on.

Now I have kids of my own, you ponder the future (well I do) on a daily basis.  I wonder about how much damage we have done to our planet and how our kids are going to be the ones with the job to fix it, if it’s possible.  I know.  Things out of my control.  But I CAN control my own world by educating our children on cause and effect.  I can also educate you and my wonderful clients.

I want society to start thinking about things in a different light.  WHY do we need this stuff?  WHY do we feel like we need to compete with one another?  WHY are we constantly putting ourselves down?  When we start to ask these questions, and really think about it, if we listen, we can learn WHY we do what we do.

Is it time to start asking questions? xx