School is IN!  I’m sounding excited aren’t I?  Well I am.  My boys were getting board, killing each other and destroying the house with indoor footy antics.  We did spend a few days in Melbourne seeing the Jurassic Exhibition and bowling and probably a bit more time on technology than I would have liked.  But hey, that’s what holidays are for!

I was VERY happy to get back to normal routine today, all my exercise gear out for my 6.20am foray with my furry babe and when I got back, lunches made, un-stacking dishwashers, all before my beautiful family had lifted their lovely heads from their pillows.  Routine works very well for me and my family.  I love that little bit of time before they get up to get stuff sorted.  It sets my day up positively.

Its the little things that can make or break your day if you’re not organised.  Teeny weency tweaks make all the difference.  What can you tweak to make your day start better?

Portrait of a woman relaxing at home with a cup of tea

This is me today! (Except back in the office with a caffeine fix!)


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