My Busy Brain! Is your brain just as busy??

We live in a crazy world right now.  I know the pressures were certainly different when I was a kid!

I remember going to the Library to learn and hoping you’d be in time not to miss out on all the best books.  I remember playing outside until the street lights came on, we were barely ever inside.

The pressure these days on people is incredible.  To have the best gadgets, the latest phone, fresh off the catwalk fast fashions and the list goes on.

Now I have kids of my own, you ponder the future (well I do) on a daily basis.  I wonder about how much damage we have done to our planet and how our kids are going to be the ones with the job to fix it, if it’s possible.  I know.  Things out of my control.  But I CAN control my own world by educating our children on cause and effect.  I can also educate you and my wonderful clients.

I want society to start thinking about things in a different light.  WHY do we need this stuff?  WHY do we feel like we need to compete with one another?  WHY are we constantly putting ourselves down?  When we start to ask these questions, and really think about it, if we listen, we can learn WHY we do what we do.

Is it time to start asking questions? xx

The Hunt For The Perfect Jeans

So you NEED to shop for Jeans……

I can hear you groan. Nightmare. God, it can be a drag, like shopping for new swimwear.  If you are not a lover of shopping, Jeans can be one thing you would like to avoid like the plague!  So may colours, styles, washes, treatments to choose from and not knowing what style actually suits you and covers those areas you don’t want to highlight. AARRGGH!

Hopefully my quick guide will take some of the pain out of this task!  

First thing to remember is that a Dark Wash is going to iron out lumps, bumps and make things look a little smaller.  

Another thing to ALWAYS remember – DRESS FOR YOURSELF!  If my guide is not your ideal and you are not concerned with the ‘problem areas’ (LUCKY!! and BRILLIANT!!) wear WHATEVER style you love and feel good in!!  Dress for you and not anyone else. x

Big Beautiful Booty? Go WIDE LEG. Adding some balance at the bottom will even things out nicely, while a straight cut will also help even out and minimise that gorgeous derriere

Small Gorgeous Frame? Go SKINNY CROP. Skinny crop will elongate the legs and that little gap of skin between the shoes and bottom of jeans will  make you look even taller

Thrilling Thighs? Go BOOTCUT. The straight silhouette will balance out and disguise those thighs

Lovely Long Torso? Go MID RISE SLIM. The mid rise will shorten the torso, adding proportion to your silhouette.  Slim styles will make a feature of beautiful pins.

No Curves? Go KICK FLARE/FLARE.  The flare is going to add a bit of shape and is a more fitted version of a wide leg.  The ‘flare’ will add proportion giving the illusion of a curve.

Magnificent Muffin Belly? Go HIGH WAISTED. A High Waist is going to keep everything in and under control.  Be proud of your muffin, chances are it is a badge of honor, if you’ve had kids!

The hunt for the perfect jeans







Do’s and Don’ts |JEANS – To Cuff or NOT to Cuff, that is the question!


RECENTLY in my Wardrobe Workout Workshop I was asked about whether or not cuffing your jeans was the thing to do and how to do it, so here is my take on this with a few ideas for you;Blog - to cuff or not to cuff

Lately, everywhere you will see celebrities and fashion houses really pumping the ‘cuffed’ jeans. Right now it certainly IS the trend. While I am a big fan of cuffing, there are also times when I won’t run with it.


I DO Cuff when:
  • The weather is warm to mild
  • To dress up or dress down
  • To rock a skinny or straight leg jean
  • To rock a fab pair of heels or an awesome pair of booties
  • Whenever I feel like it
I DON’T Cuff when:
  • The weather is cold
  • To dress up or dress down
  • To rock a skinny or straight leg jean
  • to rock a fab pair of heels or an awesome pair of booties
  • Whenever I feel like it
Cuffing has been around since Methuselah was a child and has come and gone, like all other trends and will stay around in the background and become a firm trend again down the track ‘The fashion cycle’.
Cuffing also shows off a skinny ankle, which lengthens a leg, depending on the shoe you are wearing.
As I mentioned above,whether I get my ‘cuff on’ will depend on the weather, especially as we come into cooler weather.  There is nothing worse that sporting frozen ankles and also seeing someone else with them. (Similarly a strappy heel in the middle of a big freeze is a pet hate of mine! Brrrrrr)
So although ‘cuffing’ IS currently a trend – if you don’t feel like it, then don’t do it!  We are at a stage in fashion that ‘anything goes’ but only as long as you are comfortable and confident to pull it off.
Are you currently rocking the ‘cuffed jeans’ trend?

How does Kristy Dillon Design all fit together?

You may wonder, WOW – Organising, personal styling, styling homes, organisational coaching…… that’s very broad and lots of ground to cover perhaps?  Well – not really.

How does KDD all fit-








ALL of these things fit together, rather perfectly.  When I am working with someone on any of their projects, it’s a closed circle and it all comes back to the same thing;  People wanting to change their world and be the best they can possibly be.  It’s empowering to get your life together and if you need a little help, well, that’s nothing to be ashamed of.  I am lucky enough to have plenty of experience in all of these very personal and sometimes difficult areas and understand all too well the challenges you may be up against.  I can help you unlock your potential to be better organised, look better, feel amazing and making your space work for you and even to help you understand why you may do the things you do and how to better manage these things.

So you see, it’s not really that broad at all.  It all comes back to you!