Blessed to Embrace it Forward

One more sleep till my screening of ‘Embrace – The Documentary’.  God I cannot wait.  I cannot wait to share the message with you all and hope you will take those messages into your own lives and spread the love around like fairy dust.

I want you to try something next time you are out and about.  I want you to compliment a random stranger.  Tell them you love their shoes.  Tell them you love their hair or outfit. I love to see a persons face light up when you just stop for a minute and pay attention.  You’ll leave them smiling all day and gosh, that wasn’t hard either!  You see, we need to spend MORE time building people up, to empower them to be the best they can be.  It’s only then, they can do the same, and then Embrace themselves.  x

Note: Sorry Taryn, I nicked your ‘Embrace it Forward’. lol xx



Selling your Home? The Power of Styling for Sale.

Recently I did a ‘Home Styling for Sale DIY Report’.

This is where I come to your home (or you take me through via skype) and I do up a comprehensive report with a checklist to get your home Sale Ready.

Not only do we go through the aesthetics of your home, but we talk about and I pop into the report WHY it would be a good idea.  This can also translate into a ‘Home Styling to STAY’, where you may feel like you are motivated to get the job done and have your house transform into a home, but just don’t know where to start.

Sometimes it’s good to have a professional cast an eye over to think of anything you may miss and also, just to get you started!!  I have had great success with my clients who have had me in for a Home Style for Sale Report!  My tips and tricks also assist with you not taking all your excess ‘Stuff’ with you to your new home and ways to tame and maintain your space.

Increase your profit by thousands by spending just a little.  Interested?  Give me a call to see how we can increase your sale price!



My Busy Brain! Is your brain just as busy??

We live in a crazy world right now.  I know the pressures were certainly different when I was a kid!

I remember going to the Library to learn and hoping you’d be in time not to miss out on all the best books.  I remember playing outside until the street lights came on, we were barely ever inside.

The pressure these days on people is incredible.  To have the best gadgets, the latest phone, fresh off the catwalk fast fashions and the list goes on.

Now I have kids of my own, you ponder the future (well I do) on a daily basis.  I wonder about how much damage we have done to our planet and how our kids are going to be the ones with the job to fix it, if it’s possible.  I know.  Things out of my control.  But I CAN control my own world by educating our children on cause and effect.  I can also educate you and my wonderful clients.

I want society to start thinking about things in a different light.  WHY do we need this stuff?  WHY do we feel like we need to compete with one another?  WHY are we constantly putting ourselves down?  When we start to ask these questions, and really think about it, if we listen, we can learn WHY we do what we do.

Is it time to start asking questions? xx