One more sleep till my screening of ‘Embrace – The Documentary’.  God I cannot wait.  I cannot wait to share the message with you all and hope you will take those messages into your own lives and spread the love around like fairy dust.

I want you to try something next time you are out and about.  I want you to compliment a random stranger.  Tell them you love their shoes.  Tell them you love their hair or outfit. I love to see a persons face light up when you just stop for a minute and pay attention.  You’ll leave them smiling all day and gosh, that wasn’t hard either!  You see, we need to spend MORE time building people up, to empower them to be the best they can be.  It’s only then, they can do the same, and then Embrace themselves.  x

Note: Sorry Taryn, I nicked your ‘Embrace it Forward’. lol xx